Why do we gamble? For the money, of course. Gambling is a high risk form of income generating activity. Think of it as a high risk job with a high profit margin. Gambling is perfect for those who like to go big or go home. When you start to think of gambling as more of a job and less of a game, then a different picture emerges.

Unfortunately, the media and popular culture like to portray gambling as something akin to a problem or an addiction. They show people who lose fortunes and ruin their lives. This is not the case in reality. Gambling shouldn’t even be called gambling. After all, they don’t call day stock trading gambling either, do they? It’s the same exact thing. Day trading, stock brokering, foreign exchange, binary options, derivatives trading. It’s all different names for the exact same thing. Just that the stakes at casinos are much, much lower. Instead of betting two billion investor dollars, losing it all in one swoop, shrugging and saying woopsie (JP Morgan, anyone?), you bet $100 of your own money and take full responsibility for the outcome. Take full responsibility now, and play a fun round at Grand Reef Casino.

It’s time to think of gambling as something other than gambling. You have just as much control over the outcome of the roulette table as you do on the rise and fall of facebook stock. Just ask anyone who bought in at $35 a share only to find it worth half as much only a few weeks after the biggest IPO in history. These people took a gamble with their money and lost most of what they bet. That’s like a losing hand in blackjack. Except they don’t call it gambling. They call it “investing”. You should check out the different payment methods, such as PayPal casinos, and see how they handle money responsibly, unlike even some places you may choose to invest.

If you think of gambling as investing, then you’re doing something entirely different with your money. Especially when you know exactly what your odds of winning and losing are and, most important, are able to control the outcome of the game through good decision making. It’s like playing at a stock market that’s rigged in your favor. A $35 hand of Blackjack is less of a gamble than buying a share of facebook stock. Think about that for a moment. If you are worried about being irresponsible with your money because you're so busy having fun playing, then choose Mr Green, because this casino is all about gambling safely and placing limits on your wagering, which is something people do in investing as well.

This is why we gamble. Not because it is fun or because it is a cool thing to do or because of some addiction. We gamble because we know the games. We know the odds. We know how to play. And the profit margins are very, very high. It’s a business, like any other, and we make a career out of it. If you're not yet at that stage where you can say you know the odds and what you're doing, read up on the games you're interested in playing, and then choose a casino like Royal Vegas, where you receive free spins and rolls on games before putting a deposit down so you can practice before spending any real money.