You want to win at online casinos. Is that it? Are you skilled enough? This is the first question you need to ask yourself. If the answer is yes then the second thing you need to assess is whether or not you’ve got the cash to back you up in the long term. Yes again? Excellent. You’re off to a good start. Now to the good part. How to win. You’ve got the cash, you’ve got the skill, now you need the kill. This comes courtesy of Mr. Fibonacci AKA Leonardo of Pisa. He wrote a little handbook back in the year 1202 ( yeah, over eight hundred years ago) and he figured something out that we gamblers still use today. It’s called the Fibonacci Sequence and it is amazing.

The Fibonacci Sequence is actually pretty simple to figure out. Check out the following string of numbers:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 35, 89, 144…

See something special happening there? No? It’s ok you’re obviously not great at math. I’ll explain. Take any number in the sequence and you will find that it is the sum of the previous two numbers. Let’s take 13, for example. You’ll notice that 5 and 8 are the two numbers that precede it. Add those up and you’ve got 13. 13 plus 21? 35. Got it? It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. They call this sequence of numbers “The Golden Mean” people thought it was magical at one time. Some still do.

This sequence governs nature. Everything that happens in the world happens within this sequence of numbers. From the nautilus shell to the arrangement of sunflower seeds to the shape of galaxies. Seriously, everything follows this pattern. To prove it take a look at yourself. Measure the joints in your finger. Any finger, it doesn’t matter which. The length from the tip of your finger to your first knuckle added to the length of the second joint from the first knuckle to the second is equal to the length of the third joint from the second knuckle to the third and so on. Same goes for your arm. The length of your middle finger to the knuckle plus the length plus the length from the knuckle to the wrist equals the length of the forearm. It goes on and on and is found everywhere. Including the laws of probability. Now how are you going to use it at roulette?

Here is what you do with this newfound knowledge: You form a betting strategy based on it. Say you bet one dollar. If you win you bet another dollar. You keep making the same bet until you lose. If you lose you bet two dollars. Keep betting two dollars until you lose. Then you bump your bet up to three dollars. Same thing. If you win you keep going at three dollars. If you lose you increase your bet to five dollars. You keep doing this based on the Fibonacci system. What this does is cover your losses and increases your earnings in the meanwhile. It works especially well when you have a lot of money to work with. This is where those wonderful welcome bonuses come into play, like at Winner Casino. Even if you think you don’t have the money to do this, it turns out that you do. And with the Fibonacci system you’ll eventually come out a winner. It’s a system that’s built in to the fiber of nature itself.